Fekete Research ltd. was founded in 2011 to preserve, disseminate and expand upon the works of Professor Antal E. Fekete. Professor Fekete himself has expanded upon and continued the unfinished theories of Carl Menger (1840 – 1921) – founder of that which was to become the ‘Austrian School.’

Fekete Research now incorporates bullionbasis.com and its associated newsletters ‘Gold Basis Service’ and ‘Course of The Exchange.’


18th, 19th & 20th April 2014

NEGOCENTER Business Center, Paseo de la Castellana 135


Professor Antal Fekete
Professor Juan Ramon Rallo
Rudy Fritsch
Peter van Coppenolle
Sandeep Jaitly


  1. The gold price extinction (AEF)
  2. The falling interest rate structure and deflation (AEF)
  3. Keynesian liquidity trap and falling interest rates (JRR)
  4. Paper and coin: where they are dissimilar (JRR)
  5. Some bad criticisms against the Real Bills Doctrine: Thornton, Mints and Blumen (JRR)
  6. The marginal productivity of labour and the reduction of unemployment through reduced costs due to bill circulation (RF)
  7. Gold as the touch stone of an honest society vs. lies represented by irredeemable paper (RF)
  8. Gold and the law – some curiosities (PVC)
  9. Deconstructing complexity as a survival strategy (PVC)
  10. Bit Coin vs. Gold Coin... or 'What is money'? (RF)
  11. Post great financial crisis examples of capital destruction in the corporate bond markets (SJ)
  12. Quantitative easing – the final end game (SJ)
  13. The gold coin standard (AEF)

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